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A village in the city

  • Total area:

    12 ha

  • Housing units:

    approx. 190

  • Leafy and open space:

    approx. 3 ha

  • Industrial real estate:

    approx. 15.000 m²

Georgswerder is in the leafy north-east of Wilhelmsburg, only 13 minutes by bus and suburban railway from Hamburg central station (map). In the new residential district, a mixture of different residential typologies will be built, from free-standing detached houses, semi-detached houses and townhouses to multi-storey flats. Georgswerder is very well connected in transport terms, close to Wilhelmsburger Reichsstraße and the federal motorways A1 and 252, while maintaining its leafy, village-like character. The Energy Hill Georgswerder is right next door and the Dove Elbe is also not very far away. A primary school and kindergarten are already close by, with another kindergarten planned.


Ronny Warnke

Project Coordinator

  • +49 040 226 227-0

The district of Georgswerder is characterised by its particular location on the Elbe Island: encircled by busy transport axes, the federal motorways A252 and A255 and the long-distance rail route, Georgswerder is in the heart of nature in this watery landscape and at the same time centrally positioned. By bus (line 154) and suburban railway (S3 / S31) you can reach Hamburg central station in only 13 minutes. In addition, the Hamburg-Süd motorway junction offers a convenient transport connection.

Georgswerder’s urban character is defined by the multi-storey flats along the Niedergeorgswerder Deich, the numerous detached houses and large allotment areas. The Elbinselschule school and Deichpiraten kindergarten are already present here.

Alongside the area of the future Kirchenwiese residential district at around 7.6 hectares, Georgswerder has the commercial area of Fiskalische Straße at around 4 hectares, which is also being developed by the IBA Hamburg.

The new Kirchenwiese residential district runs from Rahmwerder Straße in the north to the Buschweide in the south. In terms of construction, in the new Kirchenwiese residential district 190 housing units are to be built, 100 of them multi-storey flats, 50 of them townhouses and the rest detached and semi-detached houses. One peculiarity of the open space planning are the so-called landscape fingers, uniting several advantages: on the one hand, they provide drainage close to the surface by diverting and retaining water, while also fulfilling an important ecological function and serving as places to meet and play. A newly designed main square on the corner of Niedergeorgswerder Straße / Rahmwerder Straße will create a central place of encounter for the neighbourhood, while at the same time redefining the entrance to the Elbinselschule.

The new commercial area south of Fiskalische Straße will see the relocation of a company that shows consideration for the neighbouring residential development. With a style of architecture and design appropriate to the location, the entrance to the district should be impressively redesigned.

In 2014, three architectural and urban development teams were invited by the IBA Hamburg to develop proposals for the planning areas of Kirchenwiese and Fiskalische Straße as part of the expert assessment procedure “Living and Working in Georgswerder”. Three public events formed part of this process, in which interested citizens were able to discuss the designs by the participating planning teams and engage with particular aspects of the district. One topic was, for example, a new district centre, for which the planning teams were also to develop urban development ideas. As per the “Picture of the future in Georgswerder”, new housing-compatible businesses were to be relocated to Fiskalische Straße. In the Kirchenwiese planning area, on the other hand, the potential for detached houses, semi-detached houses, townhouses and multi-storey flats along Niedergeorgswerder Deich and Rahmwerder Straße was to be implemented.

As a result of the expert assessment procedure, the first position for the two subsections of the Fiskalische Straße triangle and the local square was awarded to raumwerk Architekten from Frankfurt am Main. For the third subsection, Kirchenwiese, the first position went to the design by LRW Architekten from Hamburg.

In the course of the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg, in 2012, a planning workshop was carried out for the future of the district, from which the “Picture of the future in Georgswerder 2025” arose. This forms the basis for further planning considerations. All information on the picture of the future in Georgswerder can be found on the International Building Exhibition page.


  • Aerial image of the Fiskalische Straße area. To the south, the Energy Hill can be seen. (Summer 2016)

  • Aerial image of the Kirchenwiese area (summer 2016)

  • Summer impressions of Georgswerder

  • Impressions from the district, summer 2016

  • Impressions from the district, summer 2016

  • Blue hour on the Energy Hill

  • Picture of the future in Georgswerder

What happens next?

In the meantime, the required legal land use planning processes have been initiated (legal land use planning Wilhelmsburg 97 and 98) to create the legal planning basis for the implementation of the urban planning considerations developed together with residents.

Since then, functional planning, mandatory specialist assessments and further preparatory investigations have taken place for the Georgswerder-Kirchenwiese subsection. On this basis, the next stages in the legal land use planning Process Wilhelmsburg 97 and the in-depth planning process will now take place, so that ground breaking can take place for the first development and construction measures in 2019. The first leafy and open spaces and a playground are to be created in the next stage. Depending on the progress of the legal land use planning process, interested investors, housing associations, building cooperatives and private buyers will find plots for sale on this page. IBA Hamburg is not responsible for rental or sale of housing units.

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At a glance:
District development in Wilhelmsburg

The three project areas of the Spreehafenviertel (Spreehafen District), Elbinselquartier (Elbe Island District) and Wilhelmsburger Rathausviertel (Wilhelmsburg Town Hall District) run from the north of the island to the Inselpark. The potential for residential construction here could provide around 4,900 new housing units. A particular feature is the green axis to be created by the developments.

With Georgswerder in the east of the island, a further 190 housing units and commercial spaces will be added.

Another approx. 800 housing units may be built in the Georg-Wilhelm-Höfe (Georg-Wilhelm Courtyards) and Inselparkquartier (Inselpark District). Here, the legal land use planning procedures are currently being prepared or are up and running.

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