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Fischbeker Reethen
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Fischbeker Reethen:
Living and working in leafy surroundings

  • Total area:

    70 ha

  • Housing units:

    approx. 2.300

  • Leafy and open space:

    approx. 18 ha

  • Industrial real estate:

    approx. 82,000 m²

In the direct neighbourhood of the Moorgürtel nature reserve, the IBA Hamburg will develop a new residential and working area over the next few years. The Fischbeker Reethen, in the south-west of the city (map) are to develop into a lively, urban and green district in which living close to nature and innovative working environments will coexist side-by-side. The proximity of the Fischbek suburban railway station and various facilities for everyday life should contribute to ensuring the approx. 70-hectare district is developed as a “walkable city” with reduced car traffic, offering a good network for cyclists and pedestrians.

In Fischbeker Reethen, different typologies are being developed: mainly multi-storey apartments, but also terraced houses and a few detached single-family houses. High demands are placed on design quality and social diversity. Around half of all housing units are to be publicly subsidised or low-cost rental housing. The neighbourhood also has a new district school with a grammar school. In addition, social facilities such as day-care centres and sports areas are planned.


Philippa Dorow

Project Coordinator

  • +49 40 226 227 - 242

The Fischbeker Reethen are located in the district of Neugraben-Fischbek, on the border with Lower Saxony. In the development of the area, residential and commercial usages will be created in roughly equal measure next to each other. In the north, the plans are in place for the "Sophie-Scholl-Street", along which new mixed forms of commercial and residential uses will be possible. The commercial areas along the railway line are intended for research and development-intensive industry and trade. The area is to contain an urban mix of various typologies, including detached houses and townhouses to multi-storey flats. Around half of all housing units will be publicly subsidised or rent-controlled. In addition, social institutions such as a number of kindergartens, a youth centre and a sports ground are planned.

Particular value has been placed on open space planning: the existing landscape strips and – in part historical – footfall routes in the Fischbeker Reethen will be retained and extended like fingers into the area. In the district centre, an artificial pond will become the central meeting-point and an ideal backdrop for restaurants, shops and markets. In addition, over the course of an east-west aligned, almost 850-metre long blue-green strip, playgrounds for children and young people, exercise facilities for older citizens, a parkour area and a viewpoint will be created.

In September 2016, the well-known Dutch office KCAP, together with Kunst + Herbert, managed to gain the top position in the urban landscape planning competition. For the further design of the open spaces, in 2018 an additional open space planning realisation competition with a subsequent negotiation procedure was awarded, in which the Berlin office relais Landschaftsarchitekten gained the nod of approval. The public was involved in both processes.


  • Aerial shot with Moorgürtel nature reserve in the background, June 2019

  • Results of the open space competition

  • Visualising the open space

What happens next?

Currently, the legal land use planning Neugraben-Fischbek 67 is being prepared by the Hamburg-Harburg district authority. The first development works will not be taking place before 2024, with readiness for construction, according to current plans, not slated about two years later. From that point onwards, the buildings, sports ground, green areas, playgrounds and open spaces will be erected. Interested investors, housing associations and building cooperatives will be informed about offers for plots on this page, as soon as marketing begins.

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