IBA Hamburg GmbH

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Welcome to IBA Hamburg

International Building Exhibition 2006-2013

Building exhibitions are temporary laboratories and are among the most effective tools for urban development. Each building exhibition presents and displays exemplary built solutions. The International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg was developed and realised in the seven years from late 2006 to 2013, delivering around 70 projects, 63 being constructions. These projects include residential buildings, innovative case studies, educational and sports facilities, senior citizen centres, places which will support the local economy and the creative scene, the renowned energy bunker as well as parks and open spaces which now shape Hamburg’s south. The International Building Exhibition has focused regional, national and even international attention on the long neglected districts of Wilhelmsburg, Veddel and Harburger Binnenhafen. But the hidden impact of the Building Exhibition is at least as important: we are proud to say that the education network for the Elbe islands and the Climate Protection Concept for a Sustainable Wilhelmsburg have created two structural developments of extraordinary importance. IBA Hamburg has delivered new solutions and inspiration for building in the future. The seven IBA excellence criteria have set the standard for urban design and architectural quality. 

IBA Hamburg GmbH – Projects in Hamburg’s south

A lot has been learned during the process though the focus remains on the future and the huge potential of these districts. In its capacity of project developer, IBA Hamburg GmbH has taken on the project development for the Wilhelmsburg areas of Georgswerder, Dratelnstrasse and Georg-Wilhelm-Höfe, and is conducting detailed studies on the central north-south axis and in the area around Haulander Weg. Housing, social facilities such as daycare centres for children and open spaces as well as areas for people-friendly commerce and services can be created here in the next few years.

By 2019 IBA Hamburg GmbH will have developed two new family-friendly residential areas in Neugraben-Fischbek, right alongside two of Hamburg’s most beautiful protected landscapes. In both areas, Vogelkamp Neugraben and Fischbeker Heidbrook, the priority is on high-quality and sustainable development. Innovative procurement procedures will ensure outstanding architecture and modern energy standards.

Exploit the potential further

The myriad projects and networks realised and developed by the International Building Exhibition in recent years provide excellent starting conditions for mobilising the potentials for inner development and creating the required housing in the metrozones near the city centre.

In favour of both: combining housing and people-friendly commerce

Hamburg’s south offers both: special opportunities for homes in close proximity to people-friendly commercial development. Building new homes and designing public open spaces is a priority. Furthermore, exploiting all possibilities for a compatible proximity of housing and commerce, social infrastructure, high energy standards and allotments, sports and transport are on the agenda.

Development and participation

The goal is to achieve high-quality neighbourhood development which is both sustainable and social, and which, within the framework of cooperative urban development processes, is designed with the involvement of citizens as well as businesses, property owners, political institutions, action groups, professional institutes and associations and future investors. Experience has shown that future-oriented neighbourhood development is for the benefit of all.

A holistic approach for an open city

Within its new role as urban project developer, IBA Hamburg follows a holistic approach towards all its future projects. IBA Hamburg’s goal still is to build an open and mixed city within the city, or rather to carry on building it. The positive development instigated south of the Elbe is to be continued so that this part of Hamburg is extended whilst remaining a liveable place for all different kinds of people.